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*FREE* ‘Viral Giveaway’ Chatbot Template

Monetise your Facebook page with this Chatbot As per a study by, almost 50% people…
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The Great New Facebook Ads Scam ($2000 lost in 2 days)

This is serious. Unauthorised spend in owner’s account One fine day, I get a message of…
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Don’t give up on Giveaways: A step-by-step guide

Anatomy of a Giveaway & Why You’re Doing it Wrong Giveaways are favourites amongst social media…
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To Kill or Not to Kill your Facebook Campaign: 15 Reasons Why

A lot of marketers give up way too soon. We spend a few dollars, don’t see…
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Automatically Delete Negative Comments from Your Facebook Ads

We all receive negative comments on our ads. Sometimes it’s a genuine concern, other times ignorance…
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Running Facebook ads during Coronavirus — What should a business do?

Facebook ads during Coronavirus — What should a business do? Facebook ads & Coronavirus — What…
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Our Creative Monitoring, Optimisation & Update Process

We have done creative updates the same day, within 24 hours and occasionally never in over…
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How to Create Retargeting Ads When You’re Selling on a Third-Party Site

Use these two strategies to retarget customers on any site. There are a lot of people…
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