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A campaign performance is judged by its cheapest ad Campaign overall cost would be high in the beginning, as it is a combined cost of the bad ad set as well.  Overall costs initially looks high because even if each ad spends 1 cent and one of them gets likes for 0.01 per like, it […]

Here’s the plan for the next 4 weeks   Week 1   The first week involves testing our audience & message. The ads run at the minimal budget and our goal is to validate our approach. If our approach is validated which happens after 500-8000 ad impressions, we will start to scale the ads.   […]

Any update that is made to the campaign which requires pausing the entire campaign or parts of will be made in 72 Business Hours.

Advanced Package has a minimum budget requirement of $500. So if you are already on the Starter Package & want to upgrade to the Advanced Package, you can do that by paying $50.   If the service period for Starter Package (28 days) is over, you can upgrade by paying $229 (Advanced Package – $179+10% […]

There are two ways in which a campaign can be run. Either, we slowly optimise it with minimum budget to prevent overspending or we start big and spend budget quickly to see if we are getting the desired results or not. Second method could lead to results quickly but they may not necessarily be in […]

In the Starter Package, if the estimated costs are achieved, I don’t redesign the ads. In the Advanced Package, ads are redesigned every month.

Ads usually needs to run for a minimum time of 5 days before taking any calls on changes to be made in the campaign.

It’s preferred to use an ad account with a history of running ads. Unless you have never run ads before, you can create a new one within the Business Manager. More details on adding, claiming and creating an ad account within Business Manager here:

You don’t see anything on the account or any progress as everything is done offline. You don’t see anything as all the ads are uploaded at once. General turn around time for the campaign is 5-7 Business Days.   Don’t worry, I am working on the campaign and it will be delivered in the scheduled turn around […]

Once the ads are optimised, you can start increasing the budget by 10% daily. Please get in touch to know the status of optimisation on your campaign before you increase the budget.