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The funnel looks like this:Ad => Messenger => ChatBot => Lead => Follow-Up => Sale Messenger marketing is a very low-friction way of generating leads with an open and click-through rate which can be as high 80% & 20% respectively (email is 25% & 5%)In the ad, we will give the users something of value. A conventional example would be a quote, examples of your work […]

The ‘lite’ packages are an addition to the existing 3 we already offer. Being managed by the highly qualified team at 0-penny & supervised by me, the packages include everything that is part of the offerings of their parent packages. The team will use a system that I’ve developed over the years to repeat my […]

Yes! Whenever you opt for our services, we will run ads for you on both Facebook & Instagram. This is not just a placement switch in Facebook’s Ad Manager, but a full-fledged campaign dedicated to Instagram. It gets its own bespoke creatives & copy to complement the social network’s media heavy nature. Learn more about […]

For users without a significant amount of data using Facebook ads, it’s tricky to define how much budget you require. It would technically be 50-100X the cost of the desired action (link click, lead, likes, engagements, sales, etc)   However, the minimum budget to avail of the service is 25/day (min. budget for optimally running […]

We treat your money as our money. Getting you the best possible results without spending a penny extra has been the goal of this service since its inception in 2013   This is the reason we start out with the lowest daily budgets possible (usually $1/day) & not higher budgets like $100 or $1000/day   […]

If you want to spend $2000 on Facebook ads under my management, then the fees is 549USD [{ 349 + {10% of 2000} or {349+200}] The fee is for a period of 28 days or as long as the initial budget is spent (whichever is later) P.S. Fees do not include the ad spend. All […]

Management & support is offered until the initial designated budget is spent or 28 days (whichever is later)

Detailed Features –

Monitoring refers to looking over your campaign as regularly as every 10 minutes and making sure everything is running smoothly and making note of changes for further optimisation of the campaign.

The estimation gives you your best & worst case scenario with my campaigns. It helps you plan your campaign strategy.   There are multiple reasons why the estimation is broad.   Your final CPI is based on Facebook’s algorithm which is real-time & takes into account other advertisers who are competing for the same spot […]