How & why should I I generate leads via Messenger/Chatbot?

The funnel looks like this:
Ad => Messenger => ChatBot => Lead => Follow-Up => Sale
Messenger marketing is a very low-friction way of generating leads with an open and click-through rate which can be as high 80% & 20% respectively (email is 25% & 5%)

In the ad, we will give the users something of value. A conventional example would be a quote, examples of your work or a free trial of your service amongst other offerings (We decide upon this while working on the ads)

When they click on the ad, they will be taken to your Facebook page’s inbox where they will be met with an automated response from the page.

Now, either you can take up the chat from there and talk to the customer directly or you can get a Chatbot setup that talks to the user and puts them into a message sequence

Now, why Messenger marketing is better than generating email leads is because of the following reasons:

  1. A user does not have to give their email for you to follow-up with them
    As soon as they message you from the ad, you can message them as many times as you want
  2.  You can retarget through Facebook ads
  3.  The acquisition cost is much lower, so you can achieve a higher ROI

    We’ve been testing this for a few of our clients and the results are positive. In fact, we have launched our to our own Chatbot Development Service.

    One client reduced their average lead cost from 33$ to $1.5-3$
The conversion rates from a user messaging your page to visiting your website link or interacting with the 2nd block (the most important) of text is 20-70%.
Here’s a client with a 66% conversion rate for Leads to Website visitors

You can read more on the basics of Messenger ads here –