What to look for in a campaign?

  1. A campaign performance is judged by its cheapest ad
  2. Campaign overall cost would be high in the beginning, as it is a combined cost of the bad ad set as well.  Overall costs initially looks high because even if each ad spends 1 cent and one of them gets likes for 0.01 per like, it will seem as the the campaign is getting likes for $1 each for a campaign with 100 ads
  3. Multiple ad sets are put out for testing, some perform, some don’t. However, every ad adds to the overall cost of the campaign.
  4. Refer to the Post sale section of the FAQs here http://prakhargupta.net/faq to understand how to look at the campaign and understand the process better
  5.  The testing phase is 28 days, in this duration we will continually tweak the ads to get it under the estimation.
  6. The objective of the campaign is Conversions setup. As a result, it could appear that nothing is happening to the campaign as you don’t see any ‘Results’ on the Ads Manager panel

    To look at what is happening with the campaign, click the ‘Performance’ tab in Ads Manager and select ‘Customise Columns’. Then choose various your preferred KPI’s like Link Clicks, Cost Per Click, Page Likes etc to get a deeper understanding of the campaign’s performance.

  7. As you would see, we are not directly optimising for the end result or the final step in the funnel.

    The reason behind this is how the Facebook algorithm works.

    In order to get to our ultimate goal, we need to optimise for events lower in the funnel like engagement, link clicks etc first.

  8. You could also see that we are using the same text as on your website for the ad copy.
  9. This is not due to our laziness or lack creatives. This is what the marketing industry calls ‘Message Matching’

    In order to provide the user with a consistent experience throughout (ad-website-close), the same words are used in the ad as the landing page