Why do we charge a % of spend?

We treat your money as our money. Getting you the best possible results without spending a penny extra has been the goal of this service since its inception in 2013


This is the reason we start out with the lowest daily budgets possible (usually $1/day) & not higher budgets like $100 or $1000/day


The percentage of pricing is based on the amount of work that it takes to manage a certain budget.


In principal, as you scale your campaigns, the cost per action of your Facebook Ads will also increase. Scaling is the most complicated part of advertising requiring a tremendous amount of skills, understanding & efforts to implement it successfully.


To avoid your money being wasted, when we scale your campaigns, we imply a variety of tools, extra manpower & priority management to avoid wasteful spending. The overall expense of bringing these resources increases as the spend increases.


Our A-Z 100% Done-for-you service enables you to not worry about expensive tools & hiring talent to get you results at scale. In fact, our scaling techniques are so effective, that the overall cost decreases when we scale (which is the exact opposite of what happens to other marketers)


To sum it up, in order to provide the same mind-blowing results that you signed up for, we apply  a percentage of spend to the fees that enable us to save you more money on every $ you spend on Facebook ads