1. Conversions are not guaranteed.
  2. ROI is not guaranteed.
  3. Cost guarantee applies to the Advanced Package & Ultimate Package only.
  4. Once ads are approved after review by the client in the Starter Package, there will be no revisions or refunds.
  5. The starter package comes with the guarantee of campaign delivery & approval.
  6. The cost per like/install/click/follow varies and may or may not be as low as advertised in the sales copy. This is because every page/app/website/account different and they have different costs.
  7. Once, the ads start and you decide to not run the campaign. A refund is possible only for the Scaling fee of the unutilized spend.
  8. We reserve the right to cancel the services at any point in time.
  9. I will give you a range for the cost you can expect. Failure to achieve that for a min. of one ad set within 3 months of the campaign being put up before any budget increase entitles you to a full refund.
  10. Refund is valid for one campaign where a campaign refers to an ‘Ad’ in Facebook terminology & a campaign in Twitter terminology.
  11. Depending upon the package, a refund is only offered if we fail to set up a campaign or we fail to achieve the CPC cost as given in the estimated range.
  12. There is no refund provided if your Facebook account gets disabled. You can get us to re-setup the campaigns on a new account whenever you want.
  13. Setting up of the campaign in case of the account gets banned is limited to three attempts only with the first attempt being the first account that got disabled.
  14. Switching campaign objectives is not allowed.
  15. PPC is a continuous process of testing. As a result, on occasions, you may not see results immediately. The costs could be high in the beginning but in due time with testing, the costs will be brought down. A refund request will not be honored if a client wishes to abandon the campaign before the initial testing budget has been spent.
  16. In case your account gets disabled or the ads get disapproved due to your landing page, then only the fees for the percentage of the budget will be refunded.
  17. We hold absolutely no responsibility for your account getting banned if you are using a purchased/fake account. It is understood that you are opting for the service knowing all the risks involved with using a bought account or an account that has been verified with non-authentic credentials.
  18. Once, we have stopped managing the ads, the service will hold no responsibility for the results or any events happening with the ads or the account.
  19. Service holds no responsibility for results in the Starter Package.
  20. We do not guarantee that the users will interact with your posts or buy your product or use your app or any other activity, which is not covered by the ads.
  21. The cost guarantee is valid for the costs achieved by you in the last 7 days only.
  22. The last 7 days do not apply to campaigns run by me in the month of September–January or the last month of a quarter due to an increase in overall facebook pricing owing to the holiday season.
  23. The cost guarantee covers a minimum of one ad for any package.
  24. Cost guarantee applies to the best performing ad in the cheapest ad set.
  25. Cost guarantees based on clients' previous campaigns do not apply to campaigns run with Lookalike or Custom Audiences.
  26. The cost of a campaign and the cost guarantee is to be judged by the active ad sets and not the overall campaign cost.
  27. The optimization period can take more than 28 days due to various circumstances involved.
  28. A refund request will not be honored if the client expects to scale faster than is advisable.
  29. You are expected to give us the required time to set up the campaign, learn from it, and make changes.
  30. A refund is given only if an Ad campaign is not set up because of reasons from our end.
  31. Any guidelines apart from demographics like using a particular set of images or particular ad copy can impact the cost per like/click/app. In such cases, we will not be able to honor a refund request.
  32. Conversions are not guaranteed. The only guarantee is the CPC range given at the time of the order. This applies to App Installs, Lead Ads, and any other form of objective.
  33. The service period is until the ads are running within the given estimated range or the minimum budget is spent (whichever is later). Any changes thereafter shall be asked to be made within two weeks after the service ends. e. one month when the service starts. Any changes after that would be chargeable at USD 99/revision.
  34. A refund includes only the service fee, not the fees for faster/expedited delivery.
  35. No refunds are offered on the setup fee after the campaign is set up and approved by the client. Only the '% of ad spend' fee will be refunded from the remaining budget.
  36. In case you have run campaigns for the same entity in the past, a request from our side can be made for access to it if a cost guarantee is involved. Denial of which could void the cost guarantee.
  37. If it is found that you misrepresented the numbers from your previous campaigns or if the numbers were for a different entity, then the campaigns would have to be stopped immediately and no refund provided.
  38. If the ads don't run or do not gain impressions, we will do whatever we can to solve the matter. Since this could be due to a lot of reasons whichever are nearly impossible to pinpoint. This will not be a basis for a refund.
  39. You are advised to not run your campaigns during the period when our campaigns are running to avoid under-delivery of ads.
  40. In case your campaigns are running within the same account, the final bill will include the budget spent on your account as well. This is because due to the 3rd party tools I use, I get charged for the total spend of the entire account. I request you to pause all your ads or create another account wherein only my campaign is running.
  41. Unless specified, we don't have any partners or affiliates.
  42. We reserve the right to deny services to anybody.
  43. If due for some reason you decide to stop running the campaign during the tenure of the service due to any circumstances from your end, you will have14 days from the date the first ads were put up or informed you about their readiness to resume the campaign & utilize the remaining days of the service. After 14 days, the days will be counted under the service period.
  44. In all the packages, the fees include creatives, targeting, copies for one category, URL, product, service, or section. Any other category, URL, product, service, or section would be charged extra. The fees for the same would be the pricing of the original campaign setup fees.
  45. 0-Penny or its subsidiaries and partners reserve the right to use the results produced from the campaign for promotions.
  46. Please make sure that your URL/Website/Page is not blacklisted byFacebook. In such a scenario, we would not be able to process a refund or change the objective of the campaign. You can however change the URL which is not blacklisted. The new URL should point to the same content as the previous URL.
  47. You are expected to read this document & the FAQs (prakhargupta.net/faq)before ordering our services.
  48. All services should be availed within 90 days from the date of payment. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of the service fee irrespective of the amount of service rendered.
  49. Providing an account is the client’s responsibility. As soon as the ads are prepared on our end, failure to provide accounts will be counted under billed days after a grace period of 30 days.
  50. Assistance in re-setting up of ads or accounts will be chargeable as per our concierge Services.
  51. The service period starts immediately after payment confirmation.
  52. The price of the service is excluding the Ad Management fee.
  53. Although utmost care is taken to maintain the account & run ads that follow Facebook’s policy, Ad accounts, FB pages & payment methods can get disabled during the course of the service.
  54. 0-Penny will attempt to reinstate & do everything that is possible within our powers for smooth running of the accounts & ads.
  55. A refund will not be issued in case of any bans.
  56. Due to the nature of Facebook, ads in the accounts provided can take days or weeks to start running.
  57. Ad spend is not included in the fee.
  58. Payment for ad spend can only be made via Bitcoin.
  59. If all ad accounts covered by the Concierge Service are exhausted, the new ad accounts would be charged as per prevalent market rates.
  60. Ad disapprovals and account bans are common.
  61. Account quality can deteriorate with ad disapprovals.
  62. Account ban chances though slim, are present.
  • If there are discrepancies in the content provided in the Cost Estimationquestionnaire which is the basis of the cost guarantee & the content provided in the Order questionnaire, the cost guarantee will be void. It would be the duty of the client to get an updated cost estimation in case there are differences in the information provided in both the questionnaire.
  • Any update that is made to the campaign which requires pausing the entire campaign or parts of will be made in 72 Business Hours.
  • During the period when an update is made, that period won't be counted in the service period i.e. you will not be paying for the days when the update was being made.
  • Phone support is not offered.
  • Retargeting fees only include the setup of the campaign. For monitoring and optimization, the fees are the same as it is for a regular campaign.
  • Cost guarantee applies to an ad's statistic over a period of the last 28 days where it has run (gained impressions/clicks) or for a minimum period of 1 day.
  • If you have been forwarded multiple estimations for desktop and mobile traffic, either of the estimations can constitute the cost guarantee.
  • It will the client's responsibility to make sure all details on his/her Facebook account are legit in order to avoid getting the account banned.
  • It will be the client's responsibility to check with Facebook policy and make sure their business & websites follow the guidelines. (More details on Facebook Policy:https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/)
  • Complete fees are to be paid in advance before the work commences.
  • The minimum monthly fee is USD 349+10% of the budget for continuous service.
  • You can cancel the service within 24hours of payment confirmation (for campaigns without expedited delivery only). No refund would be provided beyond the 24h window.
  • You can cancel the service within 4 hours of payment confirmation (for campaigns with expedited delivery only). No refund would be provided beyond the 4h window.
  • Refunds will be processed in 7 working days.
  • In the case of a Post Engagement campaign, a cost reduction guarantee applies to the same creative you have used. E.g. if you used a video in your campaign(which is the basis for the cost guarantee), & I used photos, then the cost reduction guarantee does not apply. A conventional cost guarantee applies which is based on the estimation given to the client.
  • Cost guarantee is void if a similar objective campaign is run by the client on the same or other ad accounts. (This is due to the under-delivery of ads & both the campaign competing with each other resulting in a lowered performance for both the campaigns).
  • Cost guarantee applies to non-conversion campaigns (Campaigns without the website conversion as an objective. E.g. Website Traffic Campaign.
  • Campaigns run by us are conversion-based campaigns. We try to focus on conversions and not just CPC. However, if CPC is the goal of the client, we can focus our efforts on that and that would be covered under the CPCguarantee.